Our designs are all inspired by our 3D paper sculptures.

If you like DIY, sculptures and paper, we invite you to visit our site dedicated to papercraft There, you can buy patterns to download and print in order to assemble the paper sculptures yourself. It’s a relaxing and self-rewarding activity!

For those who do not know what 3D papercraft is: it is like a puzzle. The paper is cardboard (thicker than origami paper), and the technique involves cutting, folding and gluing. Papercraft patterns all have pieces to cut (with scissors or with a special cutting machine), each piece has tabs, numbers and folding lines. There are two kinds of folding (mountain and valley). The numbers go in pairs. So, there is just to match the numbers between them (thanks to the tabs) and follow the order of the pattern.

One of the benefits of this activity is the final customization. The personalization options are infinite and therefore leave room for imagination. We really like to see the achievements of those who assemble our models because it is always a surprise!











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